Land Use & Waterfront

The Land Use & Waterfront Committee meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 PM. Please check the calendar page each month for the location of the meeting and tentative agenda

The Land Use Committee’s mandate is to review and submit recommendations both proactively and reactively on land use and zoning matters. Pursuant in part to the requirements of the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP), this committee reviews matters such as the designation of zoning districts; the adoption of special permits; the City’s acquisitions of real property and the placement of municipal facilities; the plotting of streets, avenues or other public places; changes in the City map; and the development or improvement of property.

The committee reviews any application for a change in or variance from a Zoning Resolution and recommendations adopted by the full Board are considered by the City’s Board of Standard and Appeals, the City Planning Commission and the City Council in the final determination of such applications. The committee is also responsible for initiating plans for growth within the district through the preparation of a 197-a Plan, such as the one that led to the development of Stuyvesant Cove Park on the East River. The committee also consults with private developers on major building projects. The committee also advocates for public access to the Board’s waterfront and works with the appropriate agencies and other entities to ensure that the waterfront is being maintained. The committee reviews and makes recommendations on any proposals set forth in this regard.  This committee meets on the 4th Monday of the month.


Sandro Sherrod, Chair
Adam Hartke, Vice Chair
Fred Arcaro
James Collins
Colleen Curtis
Kathleen Kelly
Sandra McKee
Terrence O’Neal
Lawrence Scheyer
Ann Seligman
Lou Sepersky
Letty Simon
Kathy Thompson

Committee Minutes

Land Use & Waterfront Minutes – October 23, 2017
Land Use & Waterfront Minutes – April 5, 2017
Land Use & Waterfront Minutes – March 1, 2017
Land Use & Waterfront Minutes – February 1, 2017
Land Use & Waterfront Minutes – January 4, 2017

New website for the East Side Coastal Resilience Project
The East Side Coastal Resilience Project (ESCR) is being designed to mitigate future climate change and flood risks on Manhattan’s East Side. The East River waterfront sections covered are Project Area 1 (Lower East Side up to 14th St.), and Project Area 2 (from 14th St. to 23rd St.) Recent presentations are available online at ESCR is about 3/4 of the way through concept design, with construction anticipated to begin in mid-2017.

Overbuilt buildings within East Midtown
When a building exceeds the floor area ratio (FAR) allowed by current zoning, it is considered to be overbuilt.  Such buildings are unlikely to be modified or replaced, because a new building on that site could only be rebuilt to the smaller legal size limits, which would generally not be economically advantageous for the property owner. According to NYC Department of Planning, there are approximately 673 overbuilt buildings within the district. CB6 staff and interns created a spreadsheet and Google map of overbuilt buildings in CB6.  The map also shows the location of area schools, cultural institutions, and parks. Click here for more about overbuilt buildings.

CB6 Speaks Out Against Mega-Tower
Terrence O’Neal, Chair of the CB6 Land Use and Waterfront Committee, testified at a City Hall news conference against the new 900 foot mega-tower proposed for E. 58th Street at a May 26 news conference, urging for parts of the neighborhood to be rezoned.  CB6 passed a resolution calling on the City Council to consider a moratorium on mega-towers until their impact can be understood.