Resources for CB6 Members

CB6 Bylaws

In October 2019, CB6 passed two amendments to its bylaws. The updated bylaws can be found here.

Drafting Meeting Minutes

Each Committee is responsible for drafting the minutes of each of its meetings. It is important that minutes be an accurate account of the business that occurred at a meeting. Members can use this template for drafting meeting minutes, which is designed in a way that minutes can be taken accurately but also concisely (note, this is a Word document).

Guide to Zoom

Due to COVID-19, all CB6 meetings are occurring via Zoom. Here you will find a page with some best practices and troubleshooting help for using Zoom as a CB6 member.

Tools and Resources from the Department of City Planning

The Department of City Planning compiled a list of tools and resources to help committee members better understand zoning, ULURP, and Land Use more broadly.

Drafting Resolutions

CB6 speaks only through its resolutions, so it is important that they be clearly written and uniformly formatted. This resolution style sheet offers some formatting tips. You can also find a resolution template here.