Transportation & Public Safety

The Transportation & Public Safety Committee meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 PM. Please check the calendar page each month for the location of the meeting and tentative agenda. 

This committee reviews transportation issues such as pedestrian and cyclist safety, improving traffic flow, and reviews applications for newsstands, speed humps, and other street furniture.

Committee Members

Claire Brennan, Chair
Matt Roberts, Chair
Gene Santoro, Vice Chair
Joan Beranbaum
Beatrice Disman
Charles Fernandez
Andrew Gross
Molly Hollister
Youssef Kalad
Sandra McKee
Philip Napolitano
Lawrence Scheyer
Ann Seligman
Brian Van Nieuwenhoven
Ronnie White
Public Members
Bob Cohen
James Wilson

The Transportation & Public Safety Committee reviews all applications for Street-Co-Namings. The application process is outlined below.


Street Co-Naming Policy

Applicants Send Letter to Community Board and Council Member

The applicant should send a brief letter to the Board and to their local City Council member. Click here for more information on what this letter should contain.

Committee Review

The Transportation & Public Safety Committee of CB6 will review the applicant’s letter and determine if the applicant is required to appear at an upcoming committee meeting.

Committee Meeting

If the committee determines that an applicant is required to appear before the committee. The Board office will inform them of the next meeting. Once they confirm their attendance, they will be added to that meeting’s agenda. 

At the meeting, the applicant will be asked to walk the committee through their request.

Board Resolution

The Transportation & Public Safety Committee will then vote on a resolution of support for the application.

The co-chairs of the Transportation & Public Safety Committee will present this resolution for a vote of the Full Board at the next monthly full board meeting. 

If a resolution passes a vote of the Full Board, it will be sent to the local Council Member.

Minutes and presentations from this committee and all CB6 meetings can be found by clicking the button below.

Resolutions that emerged from this and all other CB6 committees can be found by clicking the button below.

Open Streets and Restaurants

CB6 is pleased that during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the City has launched its Open Streets and Open Restaurants plans. We’ve compiled information about Open Streets in our Community District and Open Restaurants.

Committee Co-Chairs
Claire Brennan, Matt Roberts
Committee Meetings
Next Meeting: December 7, 2020
Staff Liaison
Brendan Birth