Full Board Meeting

A monthly meeting of the full membership, including reports from the Board Chair, District Manager, committees, and elected officials.

197-a Working Group

This working group explores long-term planning goals for the district including the recommendations put forth in our 2008 197-a Plan.

Budget & Governmental Affairs

This ad-hoc committee spearheads CB6’s participation in the city budget process and prepares an annual district needs statement.

Business Affairs & Street Activities

This committee handles licensing requests for liquor licenses, sidewalk cafes, and street fairs.

Health & Education

This committee explores issues relating to health and wellness, education, youth, disability, and seniors.

Housing, Homeless & Human Rights

This committee explores the creation and preservation of affordable housing, as well as homelessness and human rights concerns.

Land Use & Waterfront

This committee reviews land use applications including zoning changes, variance requests, and waterfront issues.

Parks, Landmarks & Cultural Affairs

This committee advocates for the preservation of our parks, reviews landmarks applications, and broader environmental concerns.

Transportation & Public Safety

This committee reviews transportation issues as well as applications for newsstands, speed humps, and street furniture.