Full Board Meeting

A monthly meeting of the full membership, including reports from the Board Chair, District Manager, committees, and elected officials.

Budget & Governmental Affairs

This committee spearheads CB6’s participation in the city budget process and prepares an annual district needs statement.

Business Affairs & Licensing

This committee handles licensing requests for liquor licenses, sidewalk cafes, and street fairs.

Youth & Education

This committee explores issues relating to education, child welfare, and other youth issues.

Housing & Homelessness

This committee explores the creation and preservation of affordable housing, as well as homelessness.

Land Use & Waterfront

This committee reviews land use applications including zoning changes, variance requests, and waterfront issues.

Environment & Parks

This committee advocates for the preservation of our parks, reviews landmarks applications, and broader environmental concerns.

Strategic Community Planning

This committee explores long-term planning goals for the district including the recommendations put forth in our 2008 197-a Plan.


This committee reviews transportation issues as well as applications for newsstands, speed humps, and street furniture.

Public Safety

This committee monitors and reviews matters concerning community policing, public safety, disaster preparedness, human rights, and social justice.

Health & Human Services

This committee explores issues relating to public health and well-being.