Homeless Assistance

How to Help the Homeless

Outreach and support services are available for people living on the streets and in other public places. If you know the location of a homeless person who you believe may need assistance, you can request that an outreach team visits the person to encourage them to accept shelter services.

To request outreach for a homeless person, you can call 311 or send a request through the app. Many CB6 residents find that using the 311 App is the fastest and easiest way to offer assistance to a homeless person. Download the free 311 App here.

How to use the 311 App for Homeless Assistance:

  1. Install on your phone and run the app.
  2. Tap ā€œMake a Complaintā€ and scroll to the bottom to select ā€œHomeless Assistanceā€.

  3. Provide an address or approximate location, plus details about the personā€™s age, gender, ethnicity, clothing, and appearance, if possible.

  4. Submit the form when it is complete. If you chose to include your contact information, you may receive an update telling you if the homeless outreach team was able to offer shelter services to the individual.

Call 911 if a homeless person is ill or in a dangerous situation.