Newsstands selling a variety of items, such as newspapers, magazines, snacks, and lottery tickets, have historically been a part of the streetscape in Manhattan Community District 6 (CD6). However, Manhattan Community Board Six (CB6) believes that newsstands succeed in environments in which the community also wishes for them and benefits from their placement.

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) is the City agency that grants lisencees for newsstands. However, the Public Design Commission and the Department of Transportation also review newsstand applications before a license is granted.

  • You can find DCWP’s guidelines here 
  • You can find PDC’s guidelines here.

Manhattan Community Board Six  – Newsstand License Application and Procedures

In addition to other New York City guidelines for newsstands, Manhattan Community Board Six has adopted a set of guidelines for newsstand license applications.

The Following Materials Must Be Submitted to the CB6 Board Office:

  1. The CB6 Newsstand Questionnaire
  2. Photos of the proposed location as submitted to DCWP
  3. Scale drawings of the proposed newsstand and location as submitted to DCWP;
  4. A copy of the notification letter sent to the owner of the building(s) or lot(s), and store manager(s) of businesses located within 500 feet to the site of the proposed newsstand and copies of the date- stamped certified mail receipt for each notification letter

CB6 Newsstand Application Process

Applicant Submits License Application

The applicant will submit all license application requirements to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP). To find a list of documents required by DCWP for newsstand applications, click here.

Application Submitted to CB6

DCWP will reviews the application materials and forward the application to the Community Board.

CB6 Questionnaire

Upon receipt of the application materials from DCWP, CB6 will reach out to the applicant and ask them to submit a CB6 newsstand license application questionnaire. Please note that people reapplying for newsstand locations denied by CB6 in the past four years will have their application automatically objected to by CB6, without further review.

Committee Review

The Transportation & Public Safety Committee of CB6 will review the applicant’s questionnaire and invite the applicant to appear and the next committee meeting.

At the meeting, the applicant will be asked to walk the committee through their application.

Board Resolution

The Transportation & Public Safety Committee will then vote on a resolution of either no objection or objection to the application. The co-chairs of the Transportation & Public Safety Committee will present this resolution for a vote of the Full Board at the next monthly full board meeting. If a resolution passes a vote of the Full Board, it will be sent to DCWP.

For Residents With a Concern About a Newsstand

CB6 depends on its residents to let us know about any concerns regarding newsstands in our district. If you are a resident of the district with a concerns about a newsstand, please properly document your complaint by writing down what you are concerned about using as much detail as possible. Also record the date and time of each occurrence so that you can establish a pattern of problematic activity. You can also collect photo, video or audio evidence of your concern. This kind of documentation can help prove that a potential violation occurred. Do your best to take clear photos and videos. It is also helpful to describe what you are capturing. Finally, and most importantly, file a complaint by contacting NYC’s 311 system online or by phone. We are better able to follow up on your request if you can provide a 311 complaint reference number. Email all concerns to help@cbsix.org