Liquor Licenses

To submit your-30-Day Notice

Please send your 30-day notice to our mailing address via Certified Mail or electronically by using our ‘Submitting a 30-Day Notice to CB6’ form . Our mailing address is on the right hand side of this page. If you submit your 30-day notice form electronically, our office will send an email to the SLA noting we are in receipt of your submission.

Open Streets and Restaurants

CB6 is pleased that during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the City has launched its Open Streets and Open Restaurants plans. Visit the NYC Department of Transportation’s pages on Open Streets and Open Restaurants to learn more.

Community Boards play an important role in improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers. One such way the community board does this is by reviewing new and renewal liquor license applications in Community District 6.

Each month, the board receives dozens of liquor license applications to review and to makes recommendations to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) on. The board seeks to ensure that new and existing establishments fit into the fabric of the neighborhood and maintain positive relationships with the community. The board’s Business Affairs & Licensing committee is responsible for this work.

Mediating Establishment and Neighbor Disputes (MEND) NYC

MEND NYC is a new citywide initiative to provide free mediation and conflict resolution services to address quality-of-life issues that impact both New York City residents and businesses in the nightlife industry, which includes bars, clubs, restaurants or live music venues. The program is a collaboration between the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings’ Center for Creative Conflict Resolution (CCCR) and the Office of Nightlife at the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and was launched in summer 2020.

The goal of MEND NYC is to use mediation and facilitative processes to create an opportunity for New York City residents and businesses to connect directly and establish a respectful ongoing dialogue to better determine for themselves how to live together peacefully in their communities.

Liquor License Laws in New York State

• 30-Day Notice Form – Local governments must be notified of all on-premises license applications in their neighborhoods at least 30 days before the application is submitted to the State Liquor Authority (SLA). The 30-day advance notice requirement is intended to provide local municipalities and community boards with an opportunity to make their views known to the SLA.

• Closing Time – New York State Law allows business with a liquor license to sell alcohol for consumption on premises until 4 AM.

• Method of Operation – License holders must specify their “Method of Operation” when applying for a liquor license. This includes use of music, dancing, promoters, and more.

• 200 Foot Rule – State Law prohibits certain licenses from being issued if the location of the establishment is on the same street and within 200 feet of a building that is used exclusively as a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship.

• 500 Foot Rule – State Law contains restrictions on the approval of certain on-premises licenses if the location is within a 500 foot radius of certain other establishments with on premises liquor licenses.


Licence Application Process

Submitting the 30-Day Notice

All Liquor License applicants must submit a 30-Day Advanced Notice Form to Community Board Six via Certified Mail or electronically by using our ‘Submitting a 30-Day Notice to CB6’ form

CB6 Questionnaire

Upon receipt of the 30-Day Notice, CB6 will reach out to the applicant and ask them to submit a CB6 questionnaire and copy of the current Certificate of Occupancy. Additionally, applicants will be required to post CB6 signage publicly near the proposed establishment letting the community know of their intention to file for a liquor license.

Committee Review

The Business Affairs & Licensing Committee of CB6 will review the applicant’s questionnaire, proposed method of operation, any comments sent in to the Board office from the community, and determine if the applicant is required to appear at an upcoming committee meeting.

Committee Meeting

If the committee determines that an applicant is required to appear before the committee. The Board office will inform them of the next meeting. Once they confirm their attendance, they will be added to that meeting’s agenda.

At the meeting, the applicant will be asked to walk the committee through their application and may be asked to agree to stipulations regarding the establishment’s hours or proposed method of operation.

Board Resolution

The Business Affairs & Licensing Committee will then vote on a resolution of either: no objection, no objection contingent upon agreed upon stipulations, or objection to the application.

The chair of the Business Affairs & Licensing Committee will present this resolution for a vote of the Full Board at the next monthly full board meeting.

If a resolution passes a vote of the Full Board, it will be sent to the State Liquor Authority once they notify the Board office that an applicant has filed for their license.

For Residents With a Concern About a Restaurant or a Bar

CB6 depends on its residents to let us know about problematic establishments in our district. If you are a resident of the district with a concerns about a restaurant or bar, please properly document your complaint by writing down what you are concerned about using as much detail as possible. Also record the date and time of each occurrence so that you can establish a pattern of problematic activity. You can also collect photo, video or audio evidence of your concern: This kind of documentation can help prove that a potential violation occurred. Do your best to take clear photos and videos. It is also helpful to describe what you are capturing. Finally, and most importantly, file a complaint by contacting NYC’s 311 system online or by phone. We are better able to follow up on your request if you can provide a 311 complaint reference number. Email all concerns with regarding a liquor license holder to BASA@cbsix.org

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