Get Help

For this or future service requests, use the form below to quickly and easily submit your complaints. Community Board Six (CB6) works with government agencies and elected officials to help resolve problems in our community.

To better enable us to assist you, keep in mind the following tips:

Keep a detailed log of your concerns

It’s important to properly document your complaint; so write down what you are concerned about, using as much detail as possible. Also record the date and time of each occurrence so that you can establish a pattern of problematic activity.

Collect photo, video or audio evidence of your concern

This kind of documentation can help prove that a potential violation occurred. Do your best to take clear photos and videos. It is also helpful to describe what you are capturing.

File a complaint with 311

Document your complaint by contacting NYC’s 311 system online or by phone. Many times we are better able to follow up on your request if you can provide a 311 complaint reference number.

While authorities are required to respond to a 311 complaint, they may not be able to respond immediately. If the issue is dangerous, call 911 instead.

If you still have problems or do not wish to use the Help Form below, you may contact the CB6 office at help@cbsix.org or (212) 319-3750.

    Dial 311
    Emergency Services
    Dial 911
    Contact Community Board 6