L train tunnel repairs

In order to perform needed repairs on the L trainā€™s Canarsie Tunnel, which goes between Brooklyn and Manhattan, there are service changes to L train service during evenings, nights, and weekends. On weekday evenings, L trains are running every 20 minutes in the Manhattan-bound direction between Lorimer Street and 8th Avenue starting at approximately 8:30 PM (but every 10 minutes between Rockaway Parkway and Lorimer Street), and are running every 20 minutes in the Brooklyn-bound direction between 8th Avenue and Lorimer Street starting at approximately 9:45 PM (but every 10 minutes between Lorimer Street and Rockaway Parkway). L trains are also running every 20 minutes on weeknights until 5 AM and on weekends (between 10 PM Friday and 5 AM Monday). During these times of the day and week, L train customers are encouraged to use alternatives for a faster, more reliable trip. Note that L train service is running as normal between 5 AM and 8 PM on weekdays. For more details on this project, view this flyer on the L train project and subscribe to the L train newsletter. For more information on travel to and from specific stations, please refer toĀ station-specific guides that the MTA released for the 1st Avenue, 3rd Avenue, and 14th Street-Union Square stations. For more information on the L train project, view the L train project issue page on the CB6 website. (last updated April 29, 2019)