Street Trees

Trees are a vital part of our cityscape and especially important within East Midtown given our limited supply of park space.  Healthy greenery beautifies our streets and also helps moderate temperature and rainwater drainage.  NYC Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks) plants, maintains and regulates street trees, and within East Midtown, several community groups have been very active with tree care projects.

On this page you’ll find links to tree resources and services, and tree bed survey maps within CB6.  We are working with community groups to identify empty tree beds and request trees for them, as well as new locations where additional tree beds can be installed.  We encourage individuals, coop boards and businesses to adopt a tree near them.

Request tree planting or services

Request City tree services online including tree planting, pruning, permits and sidewalk repair.

How you can take care of trees   

Trees and tree beds are often maintained or adopted by individuals, businesses, and community organizations. Contact the CB6 office and we’ll connect you as needed.

Visit the street tree planting page for general information. Here are tree care tips from Parks.

The most important thing you can do for a tree is water it.  Young trees especially need watering.  A layer of mulch will help conserve water.  Remove weeds and trash from tree beds often.

Don’t forget the soil of the tree bed.  Loosen the top 2 or 3 inches of soil with a hand cultivator tool to enable water and air to reach the tree roots.  Add 3 inches of mulch, preferably shredded bark.

Adding other plants to the tree bed is fine, but the tree’s health comes first.  Don’t plant ivy, bamboo, shrubs or evergreens, which compete with the tree for water and nutrients.  Here’s a list of plants recommended by Parks Department foresters.

Frequently asked questions about tree services and forestry.

Trees New York offers a Citizen Tree Pruner course, and will come out to help you and your neighbors in caring for and watering trees.

At MillionTreesNYC’s free tree stewardship workshops, you will learn about how to water, weed, and mulch street trees in your neighborhood.  Invite your neighbors to come with you.

Don’t chain bicycles to trees – it’s a $250 fine.  For better bike parking, request a free bicycle rack  from NYC Dept. of Transportation

Tree bed survey maps within CB6

Following surveys of vacant tree beds conducted by East Midtown community groups, the Parks Department planted many new trees in 2014, and still have more to plant this fall.  The work doesn’t stop there, as young trees need regular watering and care in order to thrive.  See any new trees that you can adopt? Click the interactive map of locations where new trees were planted in 2014.

Click the interactive map of locations where trees will be planted in autumn of 2014.