Mapping 311 Requests in CB6

NYC has now made 311 request data searchable through NYC Open Data Service powered by Socrata. CB6 has configured this information into a number of pre-formatted searches.  Clicking the links will take you to interactive maps showing the number, type, location, and distribution of a wide range of service requests entered into the 311 system. Among the top requests are Road Repair Requests, Broken Parking Meters, and Noise Complaints.

This page will allow you to see the many types of 311 service requests placed since February 1st, 2014 and their distribution in CB6.

  • Main Map – This page displays the raw data. Every service request placed since February 1st, 2014 has been plotted. At first, the map is dived into clusters of requests, by clicking on one of them you will zoom into that area and see individual points. Any of the points can be clicked to show the details of the service request. Below the map is a bar chart that displays the total spread of service requests throughout CB6.
  • Road Repair Requests – On this page you can view the distribution of reports pertaining to poor road and street conditions. Among the most frequent requests were pothole reports.
  • Broken Parking Meters – On this page you can view the distribution of broken parking meter reports.
  • Noise Complaints – On this page you can view the distribution of noise complaints. This map includes 5 types of Noise Complaints: Commercial, Helicopter, Street, Residential, and Vehicle.