Information on Congestion Pricing

The Traffic Mobility Review Board, who is responsible for recommending a tolling structure for New York’s congestion pricing program, has released its report where it recommends the program’s tolling structure. Anyone with questions about the proposed tolling structure should read the report, as it goes into details about key components of the program, such as what tolling fare will be, the exemptions that will be made, and the exemptions that were considered but not made.

The recommendations submitted in the report were considered by the MTA Bridges and Tunnels board, known legally as Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA), on Wednesday, December 6th. They voted to proceed with the steps necessary to submit for public comment a proposed toll schedule in compliance with the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA). TBTA is coterminous with the MTA Board.

That public comment period on the proposed charges for the Central Business District went from December 27th to March 11th. There were also four public hearings on the proposed plan.

A final vote on the plan was passed. The program is expected to start as early as June.