The Transportation Committee meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 PM. Please check the calendar page each month for the location of the meeting and tentative agenda.  

The CB6 Public Safety, Environment and Transportation Committee was divided into two committees in the fall of 2013. This committee is involved with issues relating to how people move around our district.  Be it on land, on water or through the air, by foot, bicycle, bus, subway, car, ferry or helicopter, the committee’s goal is to make all such movement safe and convenient.  For example, working with the Department of Transportation, the committee evaluates how well traffic lights, turning lanes or parking signage decrease congestion and noise and promote safer streets and sidewalks.  The committee also works on issues relating to the portion of the FDR Drive within our district, including the retention of the outer bridge reliever detour in the East River for conversion to pedestrian and bicycle use as part of the effort to develop a continuous waterfront esplanade around Manhattan.  Additionally, the committee will monitor progress of the Second Avenue Subway construction project once it reaches our district and is among the leaders that help to establish Bus Rapid Transit service for First and Second Avenues.

Sandra McKee, Chair
Gene Santoro, Vice Chair
Fred Arcaro
Amelia Acosta
Beatrice Disman
Andrew Gross
Molly Hollister
Kathleen Kelly
Joe Parrish
Matthew Roberts

Lawrence Scheyer
Ann Seligman
Brian Van Nieuwenhoven
Ronnie White

Public Members
Bob Cohen
James Wilson
Raymond Knowles

Committee Minutes

Transportation Committee Minutes – Mar 5, 2018 (pending adoption by the committee in April)
Transportation Committee Minutes – Feb 5, 2018
Transportation Committee Minutes – Jan 4, 2017 – (This meeting was canceled)
Transportation Committee Minutes – Dec 4, 2017
Transportation Committee Minutes – Nov 6, 2017
Transportation Committee Minutes – Oct 2, 2017
Transportation Committee Minutes – Jun 5, 2017
Transportation Committee Minutes – Apr 3, 2017
Transportation Committee Minutes – Mar 6, 2017
Transportation Committee Minutes – Feb 6, 2017
Transportation Committee Minutes- Jan 9, 2017
Transportation Committee Minutes – Dec 5, 2016

L Train Shutdown and Repairs Information Available
Click here for more information.

DOT presentation about plans to install a 1st Ave. protected bike lane.
DOT spoke to the CB6 Transportation Committee about the planned new protective bike lane on 1st Avenue, identified as a high priority corridor for Vision Zero efforts to reduce traffic fatalities.

M23 Select Bus Service
The M23 provides crosstown service on 23rd St. Improved crosstown bus service has been requested by CB6 for several years in our District Need Statement. Click here for more information.

Queens Midtown Tunnel Renovations
A four year rehabilitation project by the MTA for the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, began in the summer of 2015.  Work will occur on nights and select weekends to limit the impact on traffic. During weeknights from 10:30 PM to 5:30 AM, one tunnel will be closed for construction, while the other will remain open to traffic in both directions. To ease traffic flow, E 37th street will be converted into a 2-way street during work hours to mitigate congestion, as it will be the only exit road from the tunnel during parts of the project. The Transportation Committee heard more about the project. Visit the Queens Midtown project page for details.