Parks, Landmarks & Cultural Affairs

This committee serves as the community’s advocate in the preservation of our parks, playgrounds and other open spaces. It works with the Department of Parks to support opportunities for new open spaces and recreational facilities; to monitor and make recommendations regarding the expenditure of park and open space dollars; and to monitor proposed uses and permits within our parks. With respect to landmarks, the committee works with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to preserve our existing historic districts and makes recommendations on any proposed changes to landmark buildings. It also makes recommendations on buildings and neighborhoods to be designated as City landmarks.  With respect to cultural affairs, the committee assesses applications for cultural funding and serves as the district’s liaison to the public library system and the Department of Cultural Affairs.  This committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Mark Thompson, Chair
Martin Barrett
Adam Hartke
Aaron Humphrey
Ellen Imbimbo
Gary Papush
Gene Santoro
Kathy Thompson
Pamela Vassil
Ronnie White

Public Members
Robert Baublitz
William Huxley
Kathleen Waterman


Needs of local libraries


The CB6 Parks Landmarks and Cultural Affairs Committee met with managers of the libraries within East Midtown to discuss their future budget and capital needs.  See the minutes of the May committee meeting.

New trees planted by Parks Dept. in CB6 during 2014


Historic Map

2014 survey of the 77 Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) located in Community District 6:
POPS Report 2008
POPS Report

East River Esplanade Presentation – 1/2017

Committee Minutes
Parks Mins – Apr 4, 2017
Parks Mins – Mar 7, 2017
Parks Mins – Jan 3, 2017
Parks Mins – Dec 6, 2016