Residential Development and Schools

How will residential development affect school seating needs in East Midtown?

CB6 office staff and interns compiled a list of residential buildings within Manhattan school zones 40, 116, and 281, which cover much of CB6. Most developments listed here were identified via NYC’s Department of Buildings’ BIS search and/or in the CB6 files.  Construction status is difficult to track through any one source. Hence, some developments listed are in the planning stages, construction phase, and some are near completion. A few have been stalled or have been issued Stop Work Orders for varying reasons.  To further research a particular site, please refer to the Building Identification Numbers (BIN #s) and Job Identification numbers.

Excluded from the list are residential developments that are within Community Board 6 and Community Board 5 but outside of the borders of the three school zones. Those that fall outside of the school zones, are hotel developments, or have been recently completed.

The number of units in a building can change from what is listed with the Department of Buildings at the time of initial planning and design, so please note that the unit numbers are approximate.

Should you notice construction within an area that is not included here, it might be a hotel or dormitory development, which also falls under the “residential building” category but have been excluded from the first list. However, there might be some residential buildings that we have missed for whatever reason despite our earnest attempt to conduct an extensive search. Please contact if you have any input or questions.

There are currently 30 residential developments, which includes 4,138 units being built within school zones 116, 281, and 40. It is important to note that these three school zones are not exclusively within the Community Board 6 border. Only 21 of the 30 developments are within CB6. Of the 30 developments, 2 developments have been stalled while 5 developments are near completion. This spreadsheet includes information on the number of units, development status and BIN numbers from the Department of Buildings for further information on specific developments. Below is a Google map of all 30 residential developments.