Business Affairs and Street Activities

This committee reviews applications for the various types of liquor licenses granted by New York State Liquor Authority, including requests for transfers and alterations. The committee also ensures that licensed establishments operate according to what was presented to the Board and the community. Additionally, the committee reviews applications for enclosed and unenclosed sidewalk cafes, and Street Activity permits for street fairs and block parties. The committee also helps mediate community concerns with businesses.  This committee meets the last Thursday of the month.

Keith Powers, Chair
Kyle Athayde
Daniel Devine
Ellen Imbimbo
Paige Judge
David Colby Reed
Frank Scala
Susan Steinberg

Public Members
Josh Hanshaft
Carol Schachter

Business Affairs & Street Activities Required Documents
There are a few forms that the Board requires to be filled out and filed with the board office prior to attending a BASA committee meeting; the Certificate of Occupancy which can be obtained from the Dept. of Buildings website and the Board’s Questionnaire.  In addition the committee advises that the notified applicant/s review the Board’s Liquor License Change Agreement so they may be aware of certain concessions that more than likely will be requested.  The following documents can be retrieved by following the links below:

CB6 Liquor License Questionnaire

NYC Street Activity Permit Office
SLA Change Agreement
CB6 Sidewalk Cafe Change Agreement
NYC noise code regulations for bars and restaurants

Committee Minutes
BASA Mins – Dec 22, 2016
BASA Mins – Sept 29, 2016
BASA Mins – July 28, 2016
BASA Mins – Jun 30, 2016