Our Role

Under the City Charter, there is one Community Board for each of the City’s 59 Community Districts. Each board consists of not more than fifty voting members appointed by the Borough President, at least one-half of whom shall be appointed from nominees of the council members elected from council districts, which include any part of the community district. The number of members appointed on the nomination of each such council member shall be proportional to the share of the district population represented by such council member.

Manhattan Community Board 6 is active in maintaining and improving the quality of life of area residents by closely monitoring municipal service delivery throughout our district. We conduct District Service Cabinet meetings at which high-ranking City officials listen and help develop solutions to virtually any problem that affects our community, from Police and Fire Department issues, traffic, deteriorating housing, street re-paving and reconstruction, building construction, sidewalk maintenance, tree plantings and sanitation services, etc. The Board is also tasked with the important roles of reviewing, advising and making recommendations on an array of City and State applications such as land use and zoning matters, sidewalk cafes, liquor licenses, street activity permits, and newsstands. In addition, the Board plays an active role in the City’s budget process and in the implementation of capital projects that pertain to our community.

Board members identify, and resolve issues through their participation on the board’s committees. The Board has a proud tradition of reaching out and collaborating with interested groups, individuals, city agencies, and elected officials to arrive at solutions.

CB6 is now streaming its full board meetings live online to encourage more community viewership and participation.