Open Streets

In a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio sent in April and a resolution passed in May, CB6 called for opening up streets to pedestrians and cyclists, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to more ably practice social distancing.

CB6 is therefore pleased that during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the City has launched its Open Streets plan, with the goal of expanding to 100 miles of open streets.

What are Open Streets?

The Open Streets initiative allows local community organizations to partner with the City to close the roadbed of a street daily from 8 AM to 8 PM. As the closures are temporary and local traffic (for emergencies, deliveries, etc) is allowed, the City requires a local partner to staff the Open Street.

What Streets Can Be Opened and When?

Open Streets cannot be proposed on bus routes, truck routes or hospital corridors and cross streets must remain open.

Open Street Closures may be proposed for any number of days in a row or on recurring days (eg. every Saturday) or continuously for the entire duration of the program.

How do I Sponsor an Open Street?

If your organization is interested in sponsoring an open street, please fill out this form. Please keep in mind that proposing organizations must have strong ties to the community and demonstrate their capacity to manage the Open Street by providing a staffing plan.

Responsibilities for Managing an Open Street

Partners facilitating Open Streets will be expected to:

Place and remove barriers at the start and end of the closure daily

Monitor the closure throughout the day and report issues to DOT/NYPD

Provide access for local vehicles that may need to enter/exit the closure

Post and replenish signage mandating social distancing and slow vehicular travel speeds

Regularly message hours, guidelines etc, to local stakeholders and the community

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Open Streets in Community District 6

Manhattan Community Board Six thanks neighborhood group the Alliance for Kips Bay (ALLKB) for sponsoring the Open Street on the Second Avenue Service Road, between East 33rd Street and East 30th Street. It is through the efforts of community organizations such as ALLKB that we are able to have Open Streets in Community District 6.