Water Supply Change

In preparation for a multi-month shutdown of New York City’s Delaware Aqueduct planned for later this year, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has begun slowly introducing water from the Croton system into the city’s supply of tap water. Water sourced from each system, and each reservoir within each system (our water in New York City comes from three supply systems), may taste slightly different to some people. However, DEP scientists test the City’s tap water approximately 2,000 times every single day of the year to ensure it remains safe and of the highest quality. Any New Yorkers with concerns about their tap water should report it to 311 so DEP water quality scientists can investigate. More information on the City’s water distribution system and source water can be found here. Additional information on the complex repair of the City’s Delaware Aqueduct, which conveys approximately half of the water consumed in the city each day, can be found here.