Proposed New York State Assembly Redistricting

The New York State Independent Redistricting Commission (NYS IRC) released its proposed map for the New York State Assembly. In that map, most of our constituents north of East 42nd Street are proposed to be redistricted to a majority-Queens New York State Assembly District.

At its January 9th meeting, the Budget & Governmental Affairs Committee passed a resolution opposing the attempt to place parts of our East Side community within a Queens Assembly District. The resolution was ratified by our Full Board two days later, and we sent the resolution as testimony to the NYS IRC. You can find the resolution here.

Even with CB6’s opposition of the plan, the redistricting proposal is far from final, as it will face a series of public hearings before a final version is submitted next April — including the recent February 7 hearing at Hunter College’s Kaye Playhouse. We hope that, when the dust settles on redistricting, that all of Manhattan Community District 6 will be in an all-Manhattan Assembly District.