CB6 Launches a Dedicated Website Focused on the Future Sale of the Mount Sinai-Beth Israel Campus in Our District

Mount Sinai – Beth Israel has plans to sell its hospital campus in the southern part of our district. If it is sold, the transaction would be one of the largest real estate sales in Manhattan in recent years. And while this could mean that the site will become home to luxury condos out of reach of many in our district, the redevelopment of this site also presents an opportunity to address long-standing community needs, such as building affordable housing, community facilities, or park space. That is why, for the past year, CB6 has been exploring ways for the community to influence this potential sale. 

Influencing a big property sale to meet the needs of our district requires a lot of community outreach and input, so CB6 has created a dedicated website to keep the community abreast of news regarding this exciting project. We’ll also continue to update the community on this project through this newsletter.

Check out the new website!