Street Co-naming Policy

The applicant should send a brief letter to the Board which details their request that the Board pass a resolution in support of a street co-naming. The letter should clearly identify:
  • the candidate for the street co-naming,
  • the proposed name of the street,
  • the exact location, and
  • the city council district the street location is in.

The letter should highlight the candidate’s connection to the proposed location of the street co-naming and also address one of the following points:

  • whether the candidate for co-naming made a permanent, continuing and significant positive contribution to the greater good of the community, or
  • whether the candidate for co-naming has been a continuing contributor to the cultural, economic, educational, intellectual, political or scientific vitality of the community, or
  • whether the candidate for co-naming has made an extraordinary contribution in the service of humanity
All requests for street co-namings will be directed to the CB6 Transportation Committee for review. If a request is entertained, the applicant will be invited to make a formal presentation to the Transportation Committee, where they will have the opportunity to elaborate on the merits of the request.