Queens Midtown Tunnel Repair

A four year rehabilitation project by the MTA for the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, began in the summer of 2015.  Work will occur on nights and select weekends to limit the impact on traffic. During weeknights from 10:30 PM to 5:30 AM, one tunnel will be closed for construction, while the other will remain open to traffic in both directions. To ease traffic flow, E 37th street will be converted into a 2-way street during work hours to mitigate congestion, as it will be the only exit road from the tunnel during parts of the project. The Transportation Committee heard more about the project.

Governor Cuomo announces repair projects at Queens Midtown Tunnel, March 2015
37th Street Traffic Mitigation Plan, QMT March 2015
MTA Bridges & Tunnels Response to CB6 Questions  March 2015
MTA presentation on QMT repair to CB6 Transportation Committee, June 2014