MTA Projects

Proposed Emergency Ventilation Plant
The Proposed Project is the construction and operation of a ventilation plant to provide necessary emergency mechanical ventilation to the Lexington Avenue Subway Line tunnels between the 33rd Street-Park Avenue South and Grand Central-42nd Street stations, which currently have no such  protection for life safety. The section of tunnels to be protected by this project is approximately 2,500 feet in length from the north end of the 33rd Street Station platform to the south end of the 42nd Street Station platform. This tunnel segment is ranked #5 out of 252 segments evaluated in a 1994 emergency ventilation plant prioritization study (with 1 being most critical for safety and 252 least critical).  The ventilation plant would be constructed under the northbound streetbed of Park Avenue, either between East 36th and East 38th Streets, or between East 37th and East 39th Streets.  The ventilation plant would be completely underground with the exception of sidewalk grating to be located on the east sidewalk of Park Avenue.  Construction would occur over a period of approximately 4.5 years and require temporary and permanent relocations of utilities located in the streetbed, and temporary decking over the streetbed to minimize traffic impacts. The Proposed Action is needed to create tenable atmospheric conditions for subway riders to escape, and for emergency services to intervene, in the event of emergency conditions such as a fire.

Draft Scoping Document for DEIS of the Proposed Emergency Ventilation Plant

Second Avenue Subway
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has begun construction on the long-awaited Second Avenue Subway, which will eventually run from 125th Street to the Financial District in Lower Manhattan. The new subway line will reduce overcrowding and delays on the Lexington Avenue Line and will improve access to mass transit for residents of the far East side of Manhattan.

Several Board committees are working to insure that this project comes to fruition with minimum disruption to the community.  Second Avenue Subway Project Website

East Side Access Project
The East Side Access project will connect the Long Island Rail Road’s lines in Queens to a new LIRR terminal beneath Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. The new connection will increase the LIRR’s capacity into Manhattan, and dramatically shorten travel time for Long Island and eastern Queens commuters traveling to the east side of Manhattan.  The tunnel and caverns have been excavated, and now will be lined and finished.  Construction and staging areas will be set up on 37th Street between Park and Madison Avenues and on Park Avenue between 36th and 38th Streets.  Work will begin in October and continue through the end of 2016.

East Side Access Fall 2013 Newsletter

East Side Access Presentation to CB 6, Sept. 18, 2013

Presentation by MTA to the board April 5, 2012