197-A & 197-C Plans

To date, thirteen 197-a plans have been adopted in New York City.  Eleven were sponsored by community boards (two by Community Board Six); one by a borough president and one by the Department of City Planning.

197-a Plan
197-a Plans are the means through which Community Boards actively develop and document their own ideas for local planning and development. Through the Land Use committee, CB6 has prepared a comprehensive 197-a Plan that covers the easterly and waterfront portions of the district and reflects our vision for orderly and intelligent development in those areas. In particular, the 197-a Plan pays special attention to our waterfront and urges the City to see that all development is consistent with a continuous waterfront esplanade along the East River.

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Consolidated Edison First Avenue 197-c Plan
A zoning proposal for the Consolidated Edison properties on First Avenue between 35th and 41st Streets.

Con Ed 197-c Plan


Stuyvesant Cove 197-a Plan
The plan was sponsored by CB6, modified by the City Planning Commission, and adopted by the City Council on March 13, 1997. The plan provides a policy framework, in the form of seven planning principles, to guide the planning, design, and creation of public open space and compatible revenue-generating uses along the East River waterfront between 18th and 23rd streets.

Stuy Cove 197-c Plan