L Train Shutdown and Repairs

What is this project?

Beginning in April 2019, L Train service in Manhattan will be suspended for 15 months so that the Canarsie Tunnel (which carries the L Train between Manhattan and Brooklyn) can undergo necessary post-Sandy repairs. New Yorkers will face major disruption, with an impact that will be felt far beyond the immediate corridors now served by the train.

April 2019 will be here sooner than we think, so the NYC DOT and MTA are closely collaborating on surface and subway transportation improvements to prepare for the disruption that the L Train outage will cause. Since the L Train will be closed in Manhattan, the MTA will use this opportunity to make much-needed improvements to L Train stations in the borough.

To read more specifics about the preparations, click here.

Why is this project necessary?

The Canarsie Tunnel was inundated with saltwater during Superstorm Sandy, causing the corrosion of cabling, power infrastructure and track equipment. While minor and emergency repairs were conducted at the time, a complete overhaul is needed to bring the tunnel back to a state of good repair.

To watch an informational video about the damage sustained to the Canarsie Tunnel and the repair work to be done during its closure, click here.

What has been happening lately?

The MTA is holding community outreach meetings, to be followed by Community Board committee meetings throughout the year. The first meeting in our district was on Wednesday, January 31. Click here for more information and dates. Click here to see materials MTA has been sharing at these meetings.

See more info on the MTA website.