Budget & Governmental Affairs

The Budget & Governmental Affairs Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 PM. Please check the calendar page each month for the location of the meeting and tentative agenda.  

This committee sets Board budget priorities, drafts the Board District Needs Statement, coordinates and attends agency consultations, and reviews the Mayor’s Preliminary and Executive Budgets. The committee also acts as liaison between the Board and governmental entities.

Martin Barrett, Vice  and Acting Chair
Kyle Athayde
Jim Collins
Karen Moore
Gary Papush
David Colby Reed
Gene Santoro
Brian Van Nieuwenhoven
Claude L. Winfield

Public Members
Eva-Marie Lassiter

Committee Minutes
Budget & Governmental Affairs Minutes – Feb 13, 2017
Budget & Governmental Affairs Minutes – Jan 9, 2017

CB6 Draft District Needs Statement for 2017

The new District Needs Statement form from Office of Management and Budget integrates Community Board member perceptions of district needs and specific agency funding requests.

CB6 Participation in the City Budget Process

Each year, Community Boards in each borough put together sets of requests for each agency as part of the Agency Budget Consultations run by the Office of Management and Budget.  With the coordination of the Budget and Governmental Affairs Committee, Committee Chairs and the office staff, Board members are encouraged to provide their input on agency funding.  Below are resources from the Borough Budget Consultations, which include agency responses to questions posed by community boards, and notes from agency presentations taken by OMB staff for Fiscal Year 2017.

FY 2016

Review the sets of questions presented to agencies by the Manhattan Community Boards in the FY 2016 Agendas for Budget Consultations

FY 2016 Executive Budget documents can be found at the NYC Office of Management and Budget.