Below is the calendar of upcoming CB6 meetings, all of which are open to the public.  The calendar and agendas are subject to change.  Please check the website frequently for updates.  You can add one of the meetings to your calendar by selecting “add to my calendar” below or add all the meetings for this month at once.

  • Business Affairs & Street Activities Committee

    When: Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 7:00 pm

    1a. Change in Method of Operation for 344 Restaurant Group LLC dba 344 3rd Ave btw E. 25th & 26th Sts.. Reso.
    2b. Corp Change for Elevated Entertainment Restaurants LLC dba Napoleon's Pizza, 961 2nd Ave @ E. 51st St... Reso.
    3c. New OP Liq. Lic., J&F Catering Co. LTD dba TBD, 160 E 23rd St. btw 3rd & Lex Aves. Reso.
    4d. New OP Liq. Lic., H. Patel dba TBD, 557 3RD Ave @ E. 38th St, 2nd Fl. Reso.
    5e. Corp. Change for Karin Co Ci Inc dba Uncle Charlies, 139 E 45th St. btw 3rd & Lex Aves. Reso.
    6f. Corp. Change for 2With Deli Corp dba Sarge’s Deli Rest., 548 3rd Ave. WITHDRAWN
    7g. New BW Lic , SY 44 Food Corp dba Bread & Butter, 757 3rd Ave. btw E 47th & 48th Sts. Reso.
    8h. New OP Liq. Lic., Simon Indian Palace Inc dba TBD, 230 E 58th St. btw 2nd & 3rd
    Aves. Reso.
    9i. New OP Liq. Lic., Bar 263 Inc dba Bar 263, 203 E 26th St. @ 3rd Ave. Reso.
    10j. New DCA App for unenclosed SWC, 4 tables, 12 Chairs, for Ruby’s Midtown LLC dba TBD, 442 3rd Ave btw E 30th & 31st Sts. Reso.
    11k. New DCA App for unenclosed SWC, 11 tables, 26 chairs, for Carra LLC dba Dog & Bone, 338 3rd Ave @ E. 25th St. Reso
    12l. New DCA App for unenclosed SWC, 8 tables, 16 chairs, for East Drogheda Inc dba 375 3rd Ave @ E. 27th St. Reso.
    13m. New ​OP ​Liq. ​Lic ,William Zafiros & Aristotle ​H​atzigeorgiou dba ​TBD, ​499 E 34th St. ​btw 1st Ave & FDR Dr. Reso.
    14. Chair's report
    15. Old/new business

  • Public Safety & Environment Committee

    When: Monday, February 27, 2017 - 7:00 pm

    1a. Discussion: Link terms of service improvements Reso.
    2b. Discussion: Intro 1300-2016 publicly available noise mitigation plans Reso.
    3c. Discussion: Intro 1408-2016 reporting disaggregated data on sexual harassment and sex offenses Reso.
    4d. Discussion: NYS A01884 - Relates to banning formaldehyde in certain children's products. Reso.
    5. Discussion: EPA report on fracking
    6. Discussion: Proposed changes to commercial garbage pickup
    3. Chair’s Report
    4. Old/New Business

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