Below is the calendar of upcoming CB6 meetings, all of which are open to the public.  The calendar and agendas are subject to change.  Please check the website frequently for updates.  You can add one of the meetings to your calendar by selecting “add to my calendar” below or add all the meetings for this month at once.

  • Business Affairs & Street Activities Committee

    When: Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 7:00 pm

    1a. New OP Liq. Lic ,William Zafiros & Aristotle Hatzigeorgiou dba TBD, 499 E 34th St. btw 1st Ave & FDR Dr. Reso
    2b. Corp Ch OP for Go Nobu Inc dba Sushi Tsushima, 210 E 44th St btw 2nd & 3rd Aves. Reso.
    3c. Alteration OP for Carra LLC dba Dog & Bone, 338 3rd Ave @ E. 25th St. Reso.
    4d. New OP Liq. Lic., Blask Group LLc dba Gramercy Kitchen, 184 3rd Ave @ E. 17th St. Reso.
    5e. Ch in Method of Operation for AWOL Ventures LLC dba AWOL Bar & Grill, 337 3rd ave @ E. 25th St. Reso.
    6f. New OP Liq Lic., Esprit Events Caterers Inc.dba Village Crown, 216 E. 49th St. btw 2nd & 3rd Aves. Reso.
    7g. New OP Liq. Lic., Corp to be Formed dba TBD, 575 2nd Ave, btw E. 31st & 32nd Sts. Reso.
    8h. New OP Liq. Lic., Corp to be Formed dba TBD, 439 3rd Ave. btw E. 30th & 31st Sts. Reso.
    9i. New OP Liq. Lic., 23 Lexington Associates LLC; Sydell Hostel Manager LLC & 3 other entities dba Freehand New York, 23 Lexington Ave btw E. 23rd & 24th Sts. Reso.
    10j. New OP Liq. Lic., 223 3rd Restaurant LLC dba Sal Anthony’s, 223 3rd Ave @ E. 19th St. Reso.
    11k. New OP Liq. Lic, Turtle Bay Hospitality LLC dba TBD, 244 E 53rd St. btw 2nd & 3rd Aves. Reso.
    12l. New DCA App for unenclosed SWC, 4 tables, 8 chairs, for Silo East Inc dba TBD, 953 2nd Ave btw E. 50th & 51st Sts. Reso.
    13m. New DCA App for unenclosed SWC, 12 tables, 24 chairs, for Steel Pan LLC dba Eros Restaurant, 447 3rd Ave. @ E. 31st St. Reso.
    14n. New DCA App for unenclosed SWC, 8 tables, 16 chairs, for Barfly NYC Inc dba Barfly, 244 3rd Ave. @ E. 20th St. Reso.
    15. Chair’s Report
    16. Old/new business