Below is the calendar of upcoming CB6 meetings, all of which are open to the public.  The calendar and agendas are subject to change.  Please check the website frequently for updates.  You can add one of the meetings to your calendar by selecting “add to my calendar” below or add all the meetings for this month at once.

  • Business Affairs & Street Activities Committee Meeting

    When: Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 7:00 pm


    1a. New WBC Lic. for Local Leaf LLC dba Local Leaf, 440 3rd Ave btw 30th & 31st Sts. Reso.
    2b. New WBC Lic. for Chawlas2 NYC Inc dba Chawlas2, 216 3rd Ave btw E 18th & 19th Sts. Reso.
    3c. New WBC Lic. for Pink Moose LLC dba Pink Moose, 1070 1st Ave btw E 58th & 59th Sts. Reso.
    4d. Alteration at CRC Hospitality Group LLC dba Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails, 367 3rd Ave btw E 26th & 27th Sts. Reso.
    5e. New WBC Lic. for Yummy Kitchen Inc. dba TBD, 162 E 25th St. btw Lexington & 3rd Ave. Reso.
    6f. New WBC Lic. for Proong Noodle Bar Inc. dba TBD, 347 1st Ave btw 20th & 21st Sts. Reso.
    7g. Method of Operation Change for RDM Bar Restaurant Corp. dba ER Bar, 605 2nd Ave btw 3rd & 2nd Ave. Reso.
    8h. New WBC Lic. for 52nd Lex Associates LLC dba The Mill, 591 Lexington Ave btw 51st & 52nd Sts. Reso.
    9i. New WBC Lic. for Kung Fu Noodles Inc. dba Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen, 146 E 55th St. btw Lexington & 3rd Ave. Reso.
    10j. New OP Lic. for Jalpie LLC dba Via Al Piro, 405 E 52nd St. btw 1st Ave & FDR Dr. Reso.
    11. Chair's Report
    12. Old/New Business